I am dedicated to understanding data and all related meaningful insights. My work is primarily based in collecting, analysing, stocking and spreading awareness by visualizing data. I fetch data from ground, governments data portals, satellites or from APIs to create maps, cards that display the statistics as well as charts. I use modern front and backend tools such as Python/Django, React, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Gastby.js, MongoDB, Charts.js including Esri & satellite products and so on.

I began my adventure in 2008 as an entry-level research assistant after my BSc in Environmental Studies. Later, after receiving my MSc & Advanced MSc degrees in GISciences both from AgroParisTech University, I joined Rio Tinto mining company for long intern project. I also had a great opportunity to work with some International Research Institutes in France on mapping project.

Then, I moved on to Python career tracks, web developolment at DataCamp and other online schools which helped me build up my Data Science, programming and Web development skills. I love learning and sharing, and in my free time, I enjoy doing sport and volunteering. If you are interested in cooperation or in any way I could help, please feel free to contact me.